Outage Update - Tuesday night, Bluewave customers experienced varying degrees of cable and internet outages. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience of this outage as we realize many of our customers were planning to watch the Republican Debate, the final episode of The Voice, or simply a TV show of choice. Your loyalty is important to us and we value you as our customer. Our technicians worked around the clock overnight to restore services and we are diligently working this morning to identify the root source of the problem. The following summarizes what we currently know about the outage:

Yesterday evening at approximately 6:45 PM, Bluewave experienced a power surge that disrupted our cable television and cable modem equipment and temporarily disabled the Bluewave Communications corporate phones and in-bound phone lines. Cable and internet subscribers were affected to varying degrees, ranging from complete outage to temporary interruption of service. This outage did not affect members’ ability to make and receive regular calls . . . just calls to Customer Service and Technical Support.

Services were progressively restored throughout the evening with most members’ services restored before midnight. In the course of troubleshooting the cause of the outage and restoring service, there were some interruptions in cable television and cable modem service after midnight.

Bluewave Communications technical teams and the Network Control Center continue to work to identify the reason for the power surge and the subsequent outages.

If you are still experiencing issues, please call Bluewave Communications Repair directly at 910-446-9894.