Calling Features

Bluewave offers a lineup of calling features that's both convenient and cutting-edge. Perfect for all of our customers. 

Details and instructions for each calling feature are available in the following downloadable document:

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Calling Features



Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding will transfer your incoming calls to another number.

Call Forwarding - Busy Line

Allows calls that reach a busy signal to be forwarded to a preselected telephone number.

Call Forwarding - Don't Answer

Allows calls that don't get an answer to be forwarded after a certain number of rings.

Call Forwarding - Remote Activation

With this service you can activate and/or change your Call Forwarding number from a remote location.

Call Waiting Deluxe

Call Waiting Deluxe lets you see the Call Waiting party's phone number while you are on an existing call. Call Waiting Deluxe is used in conjunction with the Caller ID feature.

Caller ID - Name and Number Delivery

With Caller ID - Name and Number Delivery, you'll see the calling party's name and phone number before answering a call.

Voice Mail

With Bluewave's Voice Mail, your calls will always be answered. Whenever you're on the phone or unavailable to answer a call, your calls may be forwarded automatically to Voice Mail. Callers will hear your personal greeting, after which they can leave their own message.

Directory Assistance

With Directory Assistance, you can locate people and businesses in the United States and Canada by dialing 411. You can find phone numbers with just the name of the person and the city and state where that person lives.

Listing inquiries are $1.25 per call. And there is no monthly charge.

*Directory Assistance Services are offered by Horry Telephone Cooperative, Inc.

For more details, call Bluewave Communications at 910-446-9172.