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Digital Millennium Copyright Act

Q: What is the DMCA?

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 protects copyrighted material from piracy and illegal digital content distribution. The DMCA clarifies the U.S. copyright law, protects computer programs as literary works, and makes it a crime to circumvent technological copyright protection measures (both software-based and hardware-based) on any copyrighted work, be they video games, DVDs, CDs, digital videos, e-books or computer programs. Internet Service Providers like HTC are protected because the DMCA holds the internet user responsible for illegal activities.

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Q: Will the DMCA affect me?

The DMCA will not affect you unless you, or someone with access to your internet connection, illegally downloads or shares copyrighted material. This includes unprotected Wi-Fi connections, so even if you do not know someone is using your internet connection to perform these criminal acts you could be held accountable. It is critical to password protect your internet connection Wi-Fi access with strong passwords to prevent unauthorized use. You will be responsible for any and all activities on your internet connection. 

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Q: How can I uphold the DMCA?

Be sure you do not engage in any illegal internet digital distribution or activities such as downloading pirated videos, music, e-books, games, or other computer programs. Password protect your Wi-Fi connection. Change your password if you believe your internet connection has been compromised. Contact Bluewave Customer Support Team if you need assistance with password protection.

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Q: How would I know if there have been violations of the DMCA from my internet connection?

When you attempt to log onto the internet you will be presented with a Bluewave web page informing you that your account has been identified as possibly violating the DMCA. You will not be able to access the internet until you acknowledge you’ve read this page. If you receive more than two of these you may permanently lose internet connection and be prosecuted under the DMCA law.

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Q: What do I need to do if I receive this web page notice?

You need to acknowledge that you have read the notice. And, you may want contact Bluewave Customer Support Team at 910-446-9172 to be provided step-by-step guidance to protect yourself. At a minimum you need to strengthen and change your Wi-Fi password. Once you’ve changed the password you will have an opportunity to discuss the message with those authorized to use your Wi-Fi as they will be blocked until they can give the new password. 

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Q: What happens next?

Hopefully nothing as all criminal activity should cease after the message. However, if a second reported activity is received by Bluewave you will be directed to another page when attempting to connect to the internet and your access may be suspended. You will need to contact Bluewave Customer Support Team who will assist with stopping criminal activity and help you reconnect to the internet. 

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Q: What Internet technical support does Bluewave offer?

Bluewave Communications provides our Bluewave High-Speed Internet customers with professional technical support FREE, anytime day or night. To reach our technical support staff, dial 910-446-9894 (for residential Internet customers).

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Q: What Internet access services does Bluewave offer?

Bluewave offers Basic High-Speed Internet with download speeds up to 75 Mbps and Enhanced High-Speed Internet with download speeds up to 100 Mbps.

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Q: How fast is Bluewave High-Speed Internet?
  Download Speeds up to: Upload Speeds up to:
BASIC 75 Mbps 75 Mbps
ENHANCED 100 Mbps 100 Mbps
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Q: Will I need Digital TV service or telephone service in order to get Bluewave High-Speed Internet?

While you are not required to subscribe to Bluewave Digital TV or telephone service, the Bluewave network must be provided to your location in order to receive that type of high-speed access. You save money when you bundle your Bluewave High-Speed Internet with at least one other Bluewave service.

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Q: How will multiple users impact the speed of Bluewave High-Speed Internet?

Bluewave constantly monitors the use of our high-speed access networks to ensure that quality service and the highest speed available are delivered to our customers. In your home, if you have multiple users, you may need one of our faster speeds to support heavier usage.

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Q: What if I have my own high-speed modem?

Bluewave Internet service includes a high-speed modem that has been tested to provide maximum performance and includes wireless home PC networking. Only modems supplied by Bluewave can be used for Bluewave Internet services.

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Network Management

Q: What is network management?

Network management is the reasonable and nondiscriminatory enforcement of network usage policies and the management of bandwidth use and capacity. Network management includes congestion and security-protocol management. While maintaining its network, Bluewave Communications is also promoting the dynamic benefits of an open and accessible Internet. The broadband experience of Bluewave's customers will generally not be impacted by the industry-standard network management practices used by Bluewave Communications.

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Q: Which parts of the network does Bluewave Communications manage?

Bluewave Communications manages only the portion of the network that begins on the outside of the customer’s home up to the point where the internet traffic is handed off to the public network. Bluewave does not control the equipment inside the customer premise such as routers, computers, application software, and inside wire, which can affect the performance of the broadband service. Bluweave also does not control the operation of specific websites that may slow down data transmission during busy periods or the overall performance of the public internet.

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Q: Why does Bluewave manage its network?

Bluewave acknowledges that bandwidth and network resources are not infinite and must be reasonably limited. In order to bring its customer the best possible broadband Internet experience, Bluewave enforces network management policies that limit network congestion and transmission delays while ensuring that all Internet content is treated equally and is not unlawfully blocked or degraded. Bluewave’s network management practices are intended to protect the network, and Bluewave’s customers, from network congestion, threats to the network, security attacks, viruses and spam. Bluewave manages its network in a way that is transparent and nondiscriminatory.

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Q: How does Bluewave manage its network?

Bluewave has policies in place to ensure that customers are able to access the lawful Internet content of their choice and run their preferred Internet applications. Blueawve promotes the continued development of the Internet. Bluewave’s network management practices are nondiscriminatory, application-neutral, and minimally intrusive. Bluewave may use one or more of the following industry standard procedures to manage its network. This list is not exhaustive.

a. Monitor the network to identify congestion, security breaches, malware or damage to the network

b. Reroute Internet traffic to relieve congestion

c. Complete additions or upgrades to increase network capacity

d. Enforcement of Acceptable Use Policy, Terms and Conditions of Service, and Service Agreements against customers abusing the network

e. Use security protocols to ensure authentication of customers

f. Provide resources to customers for identifying and reporting spam, viruses, firewall issues and phishing schemes

g. Filter spam

h. Prevent viruses from harming the network

i. Thwart Denial of Service (DOS) attacks

Network management practices are necessary to guard against harmful threats to the network such as network congestion, security attacks, excessive spam, and viruses. Reasonable network management practices ensure that Bluewave Customers have the best possible broadband Internet experience.

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Q: Will Bluewave's network management impact my online experience?

Bluewave Communications uses reasonable network management tools and practices that are minimally intrusive to its customers and are consistent with industry standards. In accordance with Bluewave’s policies, Terms and Conditions for Service, Broadband Internet Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP”), and the Internet Service Agreement, customers have agreed to comply with all current bandwidth, data storage, and other limitations on Bluewave’s broadband internet services. Thus, Bluewave’s tools and practices will generally impact only users that have violated the terms of Bluewave’s policies, AUP, Terms and Conditions for Service, or the Internet Service Agreement.

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Q: What can I expect if I am in violation of Bluewave’s policies, Terms and Conditions of Service, the Broadband Internet AUP or the Internet Service Agreement?

If a customer is in violation of any of the foregoing, the impact to the customer’s online service may include, but will not be limited to, any one or all of the following:

a. Notification by Bluewave Communications that the Customer is in violation of the Company’s policies, terms and conditions or agreements

b. Removal or blockage of material that has resulted in the violation including, but not limited to, illegal content

c. Filtering of Internet transmissions

d. Suspension or termination of the broadband internet service account

Customers could also experience longer download or upload times or slower web surfing.

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Q: Will I be suspended from the network if I use certain applications?

Bluewave’s reasonable network management tools and practices do not discriminate between applications. Thus, Bluewave will not manage its network congestion or security protocols based on applications being used by its customers on the Bluewave broadband Internet service. Bluewave’s network management is based on current network conditions and the aggregate amount of bandwidth being used by customers.

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Q: How will I know if my account is suspended because of a violation of Bluewave’s policies, Broadband Internet AUP, Terms and Conditions of Service or Service Agreement?

Generally, a Customer will be sent a notification from Bluewave Communications that the Customer has committed a violation and would have been given a period of time during which to take corrective action. If, however, such violation persists, the Customer will discover that he/she is unable to access the Internet through Bluewave’s broadband Internet service. The Customer will be unable to surf the web or conduct online activities.

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Q: What should I do if my account is suspended?

If an account is suspended, the Customer should contact Bluewave Communications and follow Bluewave’s instructions for reinstating service.

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Q: Does Bluewave discriminate against particular types of applications or content?

No. Bluewave does not manage its network based on online protocols, activities or applications that a customer uses. Bluewave’s network management practices focus on current network conditions and the aggregate amount of bandwidth being used by Bluewave customers.

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